Introducing the Brentwood Library Book Borrowing Program

Brentwood, NH – Rockingham County Rehabilitation, Nursing Center, and Assisted Living Community is excited to announce a new partnership with the Mary E. Bartlett Memorial Library in Brentwood, NH to offer a book borrowing program for residents. The partnership aims to provide residents with easy access to books, magazines, and other materials that can help stimulate their minds and promote lifelong learning.

Through this program, residents of Rockingham County Rehabilitation, Nursing Center, and Assisted Living can borrow books from the library from the comfort of home. Residents can simply place requests for the items they want to borrow with the community’s Life Enrichment Department, and the books will be delivered directly to the community.

The book borrowing program is designed to promote intellectual engagement among residents, which has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including improved cognitive function and decreased risk of dementia. In addition, the program provides an opportunity for residents to connect with the broader community and stay engaged with current events. This program not only promotes literacy but also allows residents to explore different topics and interests, regardless of their financial situation.

“Access to books and other reading materials is critical for senior living residents,” said Senior Director of Long-Term Care Services, Jason Smith. “This is why we’re thrilled to partner with the local Brentwood library to offer this exciting new program. This is just one of the many ways we provide our residents with the tools they need to stay active, healthy, and engaged.”

Rockingham County is proud to partner with local organizations to provide a wide range of activities and services that promote residents’ health, wellbeing, and social connection.

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Jeseca Wendel, Public Relations and Community Outreach Manager

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