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How Does Aging Affect My Loved One?

The aging process is a natural phenomenon that affects everyone, and it can bring about a lot of changes in a loved one. As people age, they may experience physical, emotional, and cognitive changes that can impact their quality of life and their relationships with others.

There are many ways to support a loved one through this process. With patience, understanding, and compassion, it’s possible to help a loved one navigate the aging process with dignity and grace.

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Who is a Caregiver?

Simply put, a caregiver is anyone who provides assistance for someone who cannot tend to their own needs. Sometimes, individuals can find themselves in a short-term or long-term caregiver role suddenly due to a loved one experiencing an illness, disability, or change in condition. Taking on such an important responsibility can lead to health issues for the caregivers themselves. Fortunately, there are many resources available to caregivers in New Hampshire that need a little extra help. 

Support for Caregivers

You’re not alone. These community organizations offer a variety of services to caregivers and those they care for. 

Adult Day Centers

Adult day centers such as Silverthorne Adult Medical Day Center and Senior Class are non-residential spaces that where older adults receive care, assistance, and companionship during the day. 



ServiceLink is a program of the NH Department of Health and Human Services. ServiceLink helps individuals find, understand, and access Medicare and Medicaid. ServiceLink also provides services such as counseling, respite care, and assistance finding long-term care living options

Hospice Care

Hospice agencies like Amedisys and Brookhaven Hospice provide a specialized form of care that focuses on keeping a person comfortable when they have an advanced illness that is incurable. Hospice care can be performed at home or at a long-term care community. 

Home Health Care

In-home care providers like allows older adults to remain independent in their home. Home health aides support activities of daily living, perform homemaker services, and provide companionship. 

Senior Centers

Community centers like the Portsmouth Senior Center is a space where older adults come together for activities, services, and programs. 

Alzheimer's & Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association’s Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter is dedicated to advancing research, providing care and support for caregivers and those affected, and promoting brain health awareness.


Easterseals provides home and community-based services affording adults and seniors with resources they need to stay healthy and engage with their community or neighborhood.

Activism & Education

Caregivers can get involved in public policy and advocate for their loved ones and for themselves at the New Hampshire Commission on Aging or the New Hampshire Alliance for Healthy Living. 

Meals on Wheels

Rockingham County Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious meals to individuals who have difficulty driving, shopping, or preparing food. Meals on Wheels also offers transportation services and opportunities for social gatherings. 

Support Groups

The NH Family Caregiver Support Program provides access to support groups for family caregivers. Additionally, they provide education and training to help develop caregiving skills.

Renter's Assistance

The Rockingham County Emergency Rental Assistance Program is available for tenants in need of rental and/or utility assistance due to financial hardships.

LGBTQ+ Elders

Everyone deserves to feel welcome and safe in a long-term care community. SAGE Advocacy Services helps LGBTQ+ adults get connected to inclusive living options across the United States. 

" There are only four kinds of people in this world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers. Caregiving is universal. "

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